10 Unit Apartment Building for Rent in Fishtown!

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We’re back in Fishtown again, but this time we’re not looking at a single-family home. No—think 10-unit apartment.  2162 E Norris is a two minute walk from the El (elevated train for any non-Philly natives). Contemporary vibes throughout. And a killer roof-deck. (You guys know that’s my weakness, right? In the neighborhoods, you can’t beat ‘em. Extra outdoor space. Ayy!)

You walk in here, and everything’s got a high ceiling, beautiful floors, and usually a couple bedrooms and bathrooms (Yes. A couple. In an apartment.). 

There are two units on the first floor with ample ledge space in each of the rooms, so you don’t need to worry about storing your books, plants, and coffee mugs. 

The second and third floors each have unique set ups. If you like a spacious, wide-open living room, you’ve got one. If you like a cozier, connected feel between the main areas, you’ve got that too. One bedroom, two bedrooms, even THREE bedrooms.


Norris Apt living room 2nd floor blog pic .  norris good kitchen view


Oh wait—I didn’t tell you? There’s a penthouse on the third floor and it’s un-be-lievable. You can do cartwheels in the living room (even if you can’t physically do them, it’ll make you feel like you can), do your laundry, cook a nice meal. Hell, you’re about to have Thanksgiving dinner in this one, okay?


Norris living room blog pic


Sometimes no matter how nice an apartment is though, you want to be able to get outside—ya know, hear the birds chirping, smell the roses, or see if your Uber’s here. Well, get excited. You’ve a balcony overlooking the local baseball field in each unit on the second and third floors (*high five*). You’ll have fun there. It’s like a mini Citizens Bank, ya know? And you know we like to keep up the urban community feel in Fishtown.


  Norris master bed balcony viewbedroom


Speaking of the urban community feel, you’ve got a “YUGE” (huge) roofdeck that all of the units have access to. It’s super relaxing, and you’ve got an awesome view of the city. Imagine having your friends up there for a barbecue in the summer and playing cornhole looking out toward Philly’s building silhouette. Or even picture yourself just going up there to look at the stars. 


Norris Apt Rooftop View


You know what you’ll do in these apartments better than I do, of course. So come check it out to picture your next move. 

Regardless of what that looks like, I’m sure you’ll feel as young, refreshed, and ready to rock and roll as I did. What more can you expect from this vibrant neighborhood in the City of Brotherly Love?

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