1108 E Susquehanna Avenue is Everything Fishtown

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1108 E Susquehanna Avenue is everything Fishtown, only this time with ample parking. So get this--you punch in the code to unlock the door, twist that shiny handle, and step foot into the most spacious, immaculate home this side of the Mississippi.


I’ll walk you through it.


The hardwood floors stretch through the living room, around that kitchen island, and straight back to the sliding glass door that leads to the backyard. The backyard is just what you'd need as an entertaining space, without the maintenance of a grass lawn. Make it into whatever you want--a firepit here, a table there, some corn hole over on that side. The yard is your oyster.


      full layout     backyard


But let's venture back into the house, shall we?


From bottom to top, we've got the basement, main floor, second floor, third floor, and some MORE steps leading up from there. Could that mean a fourth floor? Stick with me and we’ll see.


Coming back in through the kitchen, we decide to keep to the left wall, walking straight down the stairs to the finished basement. Hardwood floors. Two sections that flow into each other. Use your creativity with this one. Will you make each section unique or make it feel like one big room? The choice is yours.


      side kitchen   basement


Back up the stairs we go—not one, but two flights this time. You'll wanna grab onto those sturdy, modern handrails as you walk up what appears to be floating steps (you’ll find these throughout the house.)

 floating stairs


So now we’ve hit the second floor. Take your time here. (Although we’ve got a bit more ground to cover, we can’t get ahead of ourselves.) Two bedrooms and a bathroom. Tons of natural light.


Up we go again to my second favorite floor. This could be a mini-apartment in itself, I swear. There's an open room for some office space as soon as you turn the corner, then in the middle of the floor there's the bathroom of all bathrooms. The shower's got a waterfall-type head that'll make you feel like you're in a shampoo commercial. (Lather it up!) This bathroom's also got not one, but two sinks--a luxury that once you use it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without. And now the master bedroom. The windows on that curved wall give off the ultimate city neighborhood vibes, and the closet space is astronomical.


                   loft               loft2


             DSC03078  master bed


And now, the moment we've all been waiting for. What's up the final set of stairs? The house is listed as having 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, so this can only mean one thing: a roof deck. SCORE. You'll find yourself overlooking both the city and the neighborhood on either side and listening to the cars drive by on the highway, which is so relaxing that it could be considered the sounds of urban ocean.


Sold yet? Come check it out and snag it before someone else does. I have a feeling you'll fall in love.


Nina Ricci

Blogger of All Things Fun



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