1812 Manton St.: Point Breeze

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If you're like me (not from South Philly), you might also be like me in another way (want to be from South Philly... or at least heavily familiar with its goings-on). Like any section of the city, there are neighborhoods upon neighborhoods within the SoPhi borders, but Point Breeze kind of steals the spotlight in my opinion (if the spotlight were actually from a hazy, neon sign at a hip local dive bar).

According to Google, and I directly quote, Point Breeze is "anchored by edgy coffee shops and dive bars," "up-and-coming," and "culturally diverse," which draws a laid-back crowd of locals. You've got ethnic eateries, gastropubs, pop-up beer gardens, and some serious street art. Wanna earn your stripes as a local city slicker? Hey, this might be a bold suggestion, but you should probably buy a house there.

*enter 1812 Manton Street*

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 1.16.45 PM
From the outside, you can already tell this place is gonna pop off. See for yourself. Enormous windows that allow for optimal natural light (Selfies or family photos, anyone?), a balcony, and what's that at the top? One of Steve's staples? Yep--a ROOF DECK. We know this is already my favorite feature, but let's get a comprehensive view of the inside of this 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom absolute beaut.

Without further ado, a video tour: