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Bimini Juice Bar, located at 2nd and Brown in the heart of Northern Liberties, screams both, “I went to yoga this morning and am feeling vibrant,” and, “I desperately need some nutrients ‘cause I’m slacking” at the same time. Whatever type of day you’re having, get’cho self over there.

If you’re hungry or thirsty, take a look behind the counter. They’ve got a bunch of categories chalked up all colorful on the blackboard wall. Smoothies, juices, shots (not of alcohol, guys. Think wheatgrass. Whatever that is. We should find out together, right?), salads, wraps, oatmeal, and bowls.



You’ll also see a large open refrigerator filled with everything from carrots, to romaine lettuce, to beets, to green apples. Everything is made fresh exactly for you, so feel free to talk to any of the workers about your likes and dislikes. They’re so used to throwing healthy stuff together to make a meal, they’ll know exactly what to give you.

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Personally, I’m not a coffee person, but I had a long morning ahead of me, so I went for the Forever Energy juice made from apple, orange, and carrot. I’m not sure if it was some mental trickery or not, but I gulped that thing down on my commute, and man, did I feel like a woman. Okay, I just wanted to quote Shania Twain... but I really did feel amazing.

If I didn’t have to get going, I would have loved to take my time sipping my drink in the back area of the shop. Along the wall, there’s a sturdy wooden bar-type area to sit, but in the back? I’m not kidding when I tell you it looks and feels like the quaint, most modern living room you’ve always dreamed of having.



These days, more and more eateries are becoming hip to the times and incorporating a more wholesome approach to fast food. And let’s just say, Bimini Juice Bar is up on that trend.

If anyone else has any local juice bars to recommend, let me know! I’m all for a battle of the juices, if you are. Bimini, are you ready?      


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