Easy Upgrades to Consider Before Listing Your Home

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Thinking of Selling your Philadelphia Home?   Are you unsure if you should make upgrades?  I'm here to help! 

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Here are a few simple tips:


Clean and organize your home: A clean and organized home gives a positive first impression and makes it simpler for buyers to picture themselves residing there.

Repaint: Painting your home's interior and exterior can give it a new, modern look for a comparatively low cost.

Improve the kitchen and bathrooms, which are frequently the areas that purchasers are most concerned with. Think of replacing the fixtures, appliances, worktops, and cabinetry.

Change flooring: If the carpets or flooring in your home are scuffed or old, think about replacing them. A new floor can significantly improve your home's appearance.

Enhance curb appeal: As prospective buyers will initially notice your home's exterior, make sure it looks nice. Think about painting the front door, putting in some new plants, and maintaining the grounds.

Do any necessary repairs, and check that everything in your house is functional. Replace any windows that are broken, patch any leaks, and address any other problems.

Staging a home might help potential buyers picture themselves residing there. Consider either staging the event yourself or hiring a pro.

Keep in mind that the upgrades you make should be determined by your budget and the Philadelphia housing market.  I can offer you specialized guidance before you list your home in Philadelphia.  Reach out to me for a free home prep evaluation today!

Steve Capriotti