Finding Nemi

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Finding Nemi: Port Richmond’s Hip New Mexican Restaurant
On December 20, the previous “Dooey’s Road” on Ann and Edgemont Streets had officially taken on a new, ethni-craft persona.

Nemi is what the locals call it, but the owner, Alexander (Alex for short) calls it his dream—which is pretty obvious, as he graciously makes his rounds throughout the dining area, welcoming the support from people who wanna see what this restaurant’s all about.

Alexander put a lot of thought into exactly what he wanted this restaurant to be. In the up-and-coming area, Nemi’s vibes are quite on-par with establishments like Bait and Switch, Cook and Shaker, and Riverwards Cafe.

I’d like to coin the term “fine, but fun dining.” The quality is way up there, but you don’t need to show up as anyone but yourself (something Port Richmonders would appreciate. They love local, as most of them have grown up in the area their entire lives.)

So back to the menu: You’ve got an array of options for cocktails such as passion fruit, pineapple, and strawberry margaritas. You’ve got craft beers and wines. And you’ve also got an array of various Mexican delicacies such as enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos, salads, and even some warm melted cheese.


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 Nemi has more of a foodie vibe though, so you’ll notice that the plates don’t have gluttonous portion sizes (perfect for treating yourself after the holidays). You can tell that each plate is handcrafted with much detail and otherworldly deliciousness.


        nemi dessert   nemi dess


If you’re a vegetarian, have no fear (I can relate). We finally have on the menu that we don’t need to shy away from. I personally split two different kinds of tacos — one with roasted cauliflower, radishes, and cilantro, and the other with caramelized onion,  roasted red peppers, and squash. And some other stuff. (Hey—I’m no food critic. Just a local explorer.)


     nemi food   nemi meal


If you’re sold on the menu, but still unsure about what kind of night you wanna spend there, I can spell it out for you. They’ve got a bar area where you can sit and drink, and they’ve also got a full dining area where you can go with the family. Bring a celebration there or bring a date. Alex will graciously accommodate you, and the waitstaff will educate you on anything you’re curious about trying.

The previous business had been your average neighborhood bar, but with the addition of this eatery and a few others, Port Richmond residents can see more clearly that the surrounding area is officially coming up.

And this is just the very beginning. They’re creating a riverwalk for people who either wanna go for a jog, bike, or walk their dog. Local businesses are beginning to flourish. And the real estate

market is catching on.

Even with all these additions, though, Port Richmond will still always be Port Richmond. You’ll always feel that homey neighborhood Philadelphia row home, know-your-neighbors aura that locals seem to cling to warmly. And you certainly can have the best of both worlds.

I’m excited to see this neighborhood keep earning stripes and cool points, but heading to Nemi whenever I’m craving a taco and a margarita is definitely keeping me satisfied (and full) for now.

Nina Ricci

Blogger of All Things Fun