Fishtown Festivale

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Years ago, when you'd think, "Fishtown," you might be inclined to say words like, "Arctic Splash," "pizza pretzel," maybe (if you're me) "traditional East-ish Philly." Well, I'll have you know that--okay, that all still stands true. But now, more people are giving this river-bordering neighborhood a chance to show its true colors while also blooming into something not everybody saw coming.


Fishtown is what many people consider the mecca of all things trendy. It's where up-and-coming has up-and-come and will continue to thrive. It's fun, safe, full of live, and colorful. It's got loads of food options, places to go out, and things to do with your kids. If you're looking to have all your needs met in one concentrated area of the city, Fishtown's a helluva good place to start.


June 8th, Fishtown hosts its biggest festival of the year, the aptly named Fishtown Festivale. On this summer day, expect to see tents upon tents lining Frankford Ave. and then some. You've got food from all the local spots, including newcomers like Poe's Sandwich Joint and Goose Island, as well as some tried-and-trues like Joe's Steaks and R+D (which has unreal cocktail craftsmanship, might I add).


It'll be fun. There's ice cream, games for kids, music, and the community feel that Fishtown truly thrives on. I haven't spoken to Interstate Drafthouse to see if they'll be there with their infamous Fishtown Iced Teas, but we hope they make an appearance. Let's just say, they're highly appropriate, but you won't need TOO many to do the job, if you know what I mean.


So come out this Saturday if you're wanna get a taste (literally) of all things hip and Fishtown. And enjoy yourself. After all, being immersed in the hype is completely free.