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Frankford Hall-idays: Beer and Cheer


Everyone’s favorite local German beer hall’s bringing you some sort of a Wint(ob)erfest, fully decked out with loads of beer, free hot chocolate, and a special guest... the one and only Santa Claus. (Okay, well maybe not the ONE and ONLY... but the one and only in one of the most cheerful places you’ll find in Fishtown.)                       


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He’s been there the past two weekends, but the festivities are coming back for another weekend. So if you missed it before, you gotta show your face this time! I don’t know if Santa’s the type to hold grudges, but I know that he keeps a naughty list, and I’ve got a feeling that if you come check out this event, you’ll remain in his good graces just in time for Christmas. 

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Frankford Hall-idays is going to be taking place this Saturday, December 22nd and Sunday, December 23rd—both days from 10am-3pm. Don’t worry about the weather or dressing overly warm: there’s an outside with bonfires and heaters, and then there’s an inside for those who don’t want to brave the elements.

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Hopefully you enjoy this tidbit, because I’ll be updating you guys on some more winter festivities you can partake in before Christmas Day. (Hey—it’s crunch time,  right?) ...But only in the most vibrant parts of town, focusing on only the most enticing shenanigans. You know we’ve got good taste here! Stay tuned.

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