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Simone. Bonafide self-made boss in the restaurant industry.

Hinge Cafe. Simone's baby (not to be confused with her actual daughter, who's nine).

15 years ago in 2004, Simone and her girl gang rolled up to Somerset St. in Port Richmond on their motorcycles, rolled up their sleeves, and started doing some serious work on this property. For an entire year. Winging it at the time? Sure. But Simone had a burning desire to open up a coffee shop in the area, and from that dream, she decided to get to work.

Hinge 1.jpg outside front view
She's the type to get stuff done and get it done efficiently, all while figuring it out along the way.  She'll never knock Google nor her ability to turn questionable into quality. This explains why the coffee shop idea she held so fondly in mind changed to sort of a coffee and sandwich shop within the first few days of opening and then transformed over the years into what's now considered a neighborhood legacy.

Port Richmond itself thrives on tradition and community, and its neighboring 'hoods are all hip to the trends. Put it all together, and you've got yourself the area's most slammin' hot spot.

People are used to coming to this corner and grabbing a nice bite to eat and something to sip on. There are regulars upon regulars, and then on the weekends--watch out. People trickle in from every which way, eager to experience the Hinge-y atmosphere, the community-vibe, and the cinnamon bun pancakes.


Hinge 2

All in all, Simone's whipped up a reputation from scratch--growing and adapting with the times, taking notes, and executing to the point where no one would question her methodology. With all this going for her, you might think, "Why would she want to sell this property?"

Well, like I mentioned before--she's got a daughter who's basically grown up in that building. No, literally. Simone would be busing tables with her daughter on her shoulder, all while both actually living in one of the units upstairs. Yes, UNITS. And some party rooms. You've gotta see it - this place is massive and so much potential.


Hinge 3.jpg inside

Anyway, Simone would like to take her life's constant energy down a notch and actually relax and spend time with her kid. She doesn't want to leave Hinge Cafe behind, but she is looking for something more low-key than the poppin' establishment on 2652 E Somerset St.

So that's where you might come in (if you're a restauranteur or someone looking for the right space with the right reputation). 

With this place coming in at 6,000 sq. feet, and an entire list of included inventory with things ranging from walk-in freezers, to tables and chairs, to coffee grinders, anyone looking to jump on board with the Port Richmond come-around, be our guest.

Hinge 4.jpg kitchen
Port Richmond's cheaper to purchase in than, say, Fishtown and Northern Liberties right now, but the area is great, safe, and attracts all the right people to your establishment that'll bring forth a sunny, local, contemporary vibe even on a cloudy day (It sounds corny, but it's true). So if you're looking for your sign, this is it. Move forward with the Port Richmond trend and take over a location that is ready to suit you and that you're ready to make your own.

Nina Ricci

Blogger of All Things Fun