Kensington Goes Reading Terminal Market

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Stateside Vodka: Kensington goes Reading Terminal Market

Nina Ricci 


There’s a lot to say about Kensington, Philadelphia’s own Stateside Urbancraft Vodka. For starters, it’s distilled SEVEN times. To put that into perspective, Grey Goose is distilled five times.


What distilling does is get rid of all the impurities and solids in a liquid, so the more you distill a vodka, the smoother and cleaner it is. When something is distilled seven times, you’ll feel the heat of the alcohol, but if you’re waiting for that bite at the end—you won’t get it. (Your inner-teenage-self will thank you for paying attention to this.)


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After the distillation process, Stateside actually infuses the natural minerals back into the vodka (Hello, electrolytes), and you know what that means? It means say goodbye to hangovers. (Your inner-teenage-self will ALSO thank you for paying attention to this. Over and over again.)




If that sounds like it’s your speed, you’re always able to tour the distillery at 1700 N. Hancock St. or just pop in for a cocktail. They’ve got a menu with a bunch of fun names and eclectic infusions. You’ll love it.


But if you’re feeling like walking through a marketplace jungle of food vendors, sweets shoppes, stop at the front of the market first.—the Reading Terminal Market that is. 


This year, they’ve got this new thing called the Pennsylvania Pour Collective that’s got a bunch of booths of local distilled liquors. All of the vendors are support supportive of each other, and they’ve all got their own story (and samples) willing to share.


It’s alive. It’s vibrant. It’s some free shots and good conversation. I’d definitely recommend Stateside Vodka over and over again to you guys. Highly recommend checking it out in your spare time.


Nina Ricci

Blogger of All Things Fun



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