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You didn't think I'd just give you ONE local artist spotlight and call it quits there, did you? No, no, no. There's plenty more creative juices flowing just behind most local skulls and onto nice sheets of paper. Or whatever medium people use. (Sorry for the imagery.) Anyway, it's my personal mission to show these people off. Artists need our love, okay?

Today I'm zooming in on Bridesburg-native, super-creative Bridgitt Nicole. She makes kick-ass collage art, but I'll have her tell you more about it herself. Yes--you guessed it. Another interview. Let's get into it.

Nina: So first off, how would you describe your art?


Bridgitt: Well, I make collage art. I cut different images from different magazines and make an entire new picture from them. I feel like some of my collages are like something out of a dream. I love the black and white vintage style images mixed with pops of color!


      bridget4    bridget3

Nina: I love how you described that; it makes me wanna live in your pictures. Did you ever do other kinds of art, or did this just kinda stick out at you from the get-go?

Bridgitt: Growing up I always loved to draw and paint. I was pretty good at it too. I’ve taken art classes and everything. But as I got older and adulting got in the way, I kind of “lost the touch” for drawing and painting. But honestly, I think one day I saw a cool collage picture account on Instagram and was like, "Damn, I need to try this!" So I did, and not only is it hella therapeutic and allows me to get back into my artsy side, but looking through vintage magazines from the 50s and 60s itself is pretty heckin’ cool.



Nina: Oh, I bet that would be addicting. Where do you find these old magazines?

Bridgitt: I ordered my first set of vintage “Look” magazines from eBay in bulk. But now I go to any yard sale or thrift store and pick them up! I try to find the ones with the most pictures (obviously).

Nina: Hahaha - that makes sense. What's your favorite part about making art?

Bridgitt: Honestly, just getting in my zone. Blasting music, drinking a beer, and just going in with the scissors! Also the end product is pretty awesome. 'Cause you’re literally cutting out cool pictures that you find and turning it into another, cooler picture. I lose track of time doing it.


Nina: Oh, I'm sure you can just get lost in it. Time is money, though, isn't it? Have you done anything locally with your art or do you sell it anywhere?

Bridgitt: I sell a few prints in The Common Room in Fishtown. In the spring I plan on getting more prints made and setting up my Etsy (finally), and maybe doing some flea markets or First Fridays.


Nina: What's The Common Room, for people who aren't familiar?

Bridgitt: The Common Room is a gallery and workshop space in Fishtown that supports local female artists in the Philadelphia area! The owner is so great.

Nina: Oh, while I'm at it, what else do you do for work? You know, if you're not making money off of your prints?

Bridgitt: I work in Center City at a law firm as a IP docketing specialist.

Nina: Okay, so IP docketing specialist by day--artist by free time. I think the mix is essential. Speaking of the Philadelphia area (ya know, Center City and all), I know you grew up in the Bridesburg neighborhood. So I gotta know, what’s your favorite thing about living in Philly?

Bridgitt: My favorite part about Philly... Hmmm. I guess at the end of the day, I just love the “city life.” And the people here--some of them (haha). If that makes sense. All of my friends are here, and there is so much to do here. Also, go Birds.

Nina: Yeah, I feel like you can never get bored here, or if you do, you're not looking deep enough. So if you had to pick, what are your top 3 favorite things to do in Philly? Go!

Bridgitt: In Philly I love trying different cocktail bars, walking around the city, and have a newfound love for thrifting and plant shopping!

Nina: That's the stuff. It seems like you've got a pretty well-rounded life and a good head on your shoulders... If you have any words to the wise about anything, the floor is all yours.

Bridgitt: My words of advice are don’t lose your hobbies or forget about them and what you like to do. Art helps me relieve stress and create something awesome out of it. We need our hobbies to remember who we are and what we love!

Nina: That's so true. Ahh, you're making me wanna do these collages with you!

Bridgitt: I’ve thought about doing a “collage night” one night! I mean it’s so simple to make and fun. I have tons of magazines.

Nina: Yes, yes, yes. Let's do it.


So guys, keep your eyes peeled for Collage Night with Bridgitt in the future. But until then, check out her Instagram, @bridgitt_nicole, to get your daily fix! She's back in action, and you're definitely going to want to see more.

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