Mercer Cafe: A Port Richmond Staple

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“Haaaave Mercer.” -Uncle Jesse from Full House (or something like that)

Although Cheers Cafe is just down the street, Mercer Cafe seems to be the epitome of “where everybody knows your name.” Opening its doors at 8 am sharp each morning, you can walk on in, grab a seat at the bar, and someone’ll fix you a cup of coffee just how you like it.


Or you can order your morning pick-me-ups to-go if you gotta be somewhere other than the heart of Port Richmond, ya know?

Get this–they’re even set up with Uber Eats so you can get the “ushe” (usual) delivered to your door. That’s been a guilty pleasure for Alex and I, I must admit.

But no, the atmosphere is the best part (next to the food, of course. We’ll get to that later.) With some Sinatra in the background mixed with the clattering of dishes and buzzing of people’s conversations, you’re guaranteed to feel cozy like Christmas.


I have to say, this is Alex’s favorite breakfast place and the reason I eat here so much. If she were to tell you what to order, she’d say, “BACON EGG AND CHEESE ON A PLAIN BAGEL.”
The food, though… the food is what keeps the people coming back. I would have taken a picture of my bagel sandwich for this post, but I ate it too fast. Couldn’t resist, man. (You’ll have that, I suppose.)

Talking to the manager, Bernadette Wilt, I got some insight into what you should order when you give it a shot.

We’ll call it the “inside scoop,” since the cafe actually started as an ice cream parlor in the year 2000.

Inside Scoop (aka Bern’s Recs):

Mascarpone French Toast: we got the big ol’ slices of challah bread, some fresh berries, mascarpone cheese, all topped with a drizzle (or two shots, depending on who you are) of warm syrup.
Jason’s Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich: everything breakfast on a sandwich (minus the cereal, because yack). It’s two fried eggs, scrapple, home fries topped with cream chipped beef on an Italian roll.
Crab Cake Benedict: pretty self-explanatory, but the crowd loves it.

They’ve also got lots of baked goods in the oven, and if you’re a bagel fanatic like me, you can even make your own bagel sandwich if you just ask. They don’t advertise that, but I’ve done it, so… whatever. Tell ’em Nina sentcha. They probably won’t care if you drop my name, but it’ll make me feel important.


Hopefully this spotlight on the little cafe on Mercer and Westmoreland will get ya pumped to pay it a visit–better do it early though, because they close their doors at 4 pm latest.


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