Philly Current Mag: The Lil’ Square One

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Philly Current Magazine

Who says print media is dead? I’ll give you a hint—it’s people who haven’t met Philly Current Magazine.

It’s not your typical magazine in the way that you find it hidden somewhere amidst that one aisle in the grocery store (you know, the extra one where it’s hard for anything to really mean much or stand out).

The run-of-the-mill magazine (across the board) might blast you with information about people you don’t actually care to know more about through them, recipes you weren’t looking for, ads for cars when you’re already driving one, and some horoscopes you might not even believe in. Maybe an uplifting story. Maybe.

Philly Current breaks the mold, because its target demographic isn’t just anyone—it’s us. It’s you. It’s people who live in Philly, want to move here, or wanna know more about it. It’s what’s going on with the movers and shakers currently. It’s what to get excited about within the boundaries of the 215/267. It’s a square magazine that’ll you’ll wanna get your hands on.

Currently, it’s $29.99 for six issues a year, but you can skim over an issue at Fishtown’s City Fitness as well as various other places with a, ya know, waiting area all over the city.

And if you’re lucky enough to be affiliated in some capacity, you might even land an exclusive invite to one of their issue parties in the ballroom at a cemetery. (It’s not as creepy as it sounds.) The biggest one’s usually in March, and there you’ll find some things that are out of this world, like people on stilts, fire-breathers, popsicles in your cocktails, live music, French macaroons, a parting gift, and the company of a TON of Philly creatives each time.

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Philly Current’s got the vibe that makes ya wanna just stick with ‘em for the long haul to see what they’re gonna (un)cover next.

Definitely keep ‘em on your radar, and follow ‘em on Instagram if your interest is piqued, would ya? @phillycurrent is where it’s at.

Nina Ricci