Private School Experiment

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Remember walking those mildly damp, slightly metal-smelling hallways in high school? The hallways were artificially lit, and the classes were most certainly not “lit” either. (Terrible joke. Anyway.)

Private School Experiment is nothing like high school. It’s like school for adults. With fun alcohol. And art. And fashion. And a million places for photo opps. And the feeling of exclusivity without it leaving anybody out. Oh, and they’ve got gender-neutral bathrooms. (Yeah. PSE is progressive as hell.)

It’s a pop-up space here to stay for all of May, and the concept was brought to life by none other than the Italian beauty, Bela (@belashehu). You can find her groovin’ around the perimeter of the space, living and chatting it up, and watching her vision truly come to life.

Some of the vendors include The Butcher’s Bride, a vintage rock n roll type clothing brand, Sticks + Stones, accessories for high-end hippies (self-proclaimed), Jed Morfit with some sculpture art, and Commonwealth Proper—think suit jackets with some trendy, hard-ass, or just plain awesome linings in them (along with some other fun stuff).

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So the vendors, they stay, and the classes (events) come OFTEN. In this school experiment though, they’re all actually super dope—High Tea with CBD and THC treats, a night of fashion, private dinners, you name it. Close your eyes and pick an event if you really wanna get the full experience. You won’t wanna miss it, especially since it’s gone come June 1st.

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The next event is class photo day, and they’ve got some of Philly’s finest running the show that day. Katt Wilkins on the camera, Sarah Elizabeth making people’s faces look flawless, and Careen Goldberg doin’ up everyone’s hair. Get some professional photos taken all while biting down on some light fare and sipping some cocktails. Complementary. (Tickets to the “class” itself are $150 a pop, so the food and drink are well-earned).

Check it out before it vanishes into thin air—if there’s no event going on, you can pop right in! 448 N. 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA. Race you there.

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