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The Butcher’s Bride: Slaying Clothing and Taking Philly by Storm


Kayla and Kelly were living sort of parallel lives--growing up in the same neighborhood, attending the same high school, and developing an affinity for all things hard-to-find--all before uniting souls in New York City (coincidentally both moving there from Philly within the same year). Now, they’re on a mission to create some of the most badass style pieces that Philadelphia’s seen thus far. And no pun intended, but they’re killing it.


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To my excitement, my best friend and I were approached by the two of them to model some of their vintage and hand-distressed clothing items as few weeks ago. The wanted models that screamed both “local” and “worldliness,” with a dose of edge, and by the look of those two--let’s just say it was an honor and a privilege to be the people for the job.


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So we grabbed some of their work and galavanted throughout Fishtown, posing in front of the many rust-chic buildings and wall art that made our clothes pop. We embraced the spike of the cool fall air, chatted it up, and documented the entire day on their Instagram, @thebutchersbride.

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But I couldn’t leave a day like that without getting the inside scoop from my new friends though, riiiiight? (C’mon--you know I’d never leave you guys out of the loop like that.)


So, here we are. I’ve gotten us all a little background knowledge of this local brand packing their punch in the coolest parts of town, at punk rock flea markets, online, and then some.


How'd you decide to start this whole journey together?

We both have a love for fashion and thrifting. We individually enjoyed finding unique items to add to our personal style, it just made sense to join forces and share that love with others!


How do you find your “victims” (a.k.a. your clothes--although I’d actually argue that you’re saving them)?

We search high and low at local thrift stores, vintage stores, vintage warehouses, sample sales, Craigslist, friends, and family members.


Do you have any fashion inspiration from anything? Could be a person, an era, a type of style--anything.

We love 70s and 80s rock, Classic rock to 80’s Hair metal and even into more modern day rock music!

(Note from Nina: I’d say that their music lovin’ souls add the feeling into their clothing that makes you feel like you gotta rock them.)


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What's your favorite part about butchering-up clothes?

Creating something that can’t be duplicated. We’re really out here making garments that are truly unique and one of a kind.

(Note from Nina, again: So you can be confident that when you’re getting something from us, no one else has it.)


Do you have any favorite pieces?

Love our original band tour tees. We have a few very rare ones from Rush, Metallica, Hall and Oates, and Ozzy, and we’re always collecting more.



Do any of your pieces have a funny story? Or anything really authentically cool about where you got them, where they're from, etc.

Yes! The brand actually began not only because we both shared a passion for personal style, but because Kayla had a small collection of band tees gifted from her father who grew up in the best era of rock n roll, 1970s-1980s. When she was young, her dad would go to see all of his favorite bands, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, and Ozzy to name a few, and every concert he went to, he brought her back a concert tour shirt. At the time, she didn’t appreciate them as much as 29 year old Kayla one day would. So a few of these items helped us start off our first collection!



What do you guys typically like to do with your free time in Philly?

Neither of us really have free time (It’s the entrepreneurial mindset.). But when we can pencil it in, we like to hang out together. True best friends, right? Fitness is a big passion to both of us, so we’ll hit the gym together from time to time, or, of course, you can find us thrifting or having brunch at one of our favorite Philly spots.


What does "The Butcher's Bride" mean, anyway? Where did it come from?

We wanted to have a brand name that stood out from the rest, something that felt a little mysterious and a lot of badass. “The butcher” came from our craft of distressing, and we like to think that we as owners are the butcher’s “brides,” eternally devoted to the craft of butchering (garments)!


The grand finale--where can you find your clothes?

We sell them at Toile on Frankford ave, and our Etsy page (!


So guys, there you have it. If you’re looking for Kayla and Kelly, you can spot them around the area doing their thing


Nina Ricci

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