The Fish Net: Fishtown’s Weekly To-Do

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The Fish Net: Fishtown’s Weekly To-Do

If you’ve ever wandered into any coffee shop, thrift store, or gym (Okay, really any place) in Fishtown, you might have seen a classic 8.5x11 sheet of paper titled “The Fish Net.” 

On it, you’ll find events happening around the ‘hood all centered on what Fishtown has always been truly rooted in: community. You’ll find everything from clean ups, to cooking classes, to stand-up comedy shows.

So far, there have been 55 issues, and I don’t foresee them slowing their roll any time soon (with everybody moving to Fishtown nowadays, especially!).

It’s helpful to have one place to look when you’re not really sure what to do with your time, so if you’re ever looking for plans... check ‘em out.

Stay up to date on Instagram @thefishnetfishtown or just pop into a shop along their delivery route. Happy Fishtowning!