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Tinsel: Philadelphia’s Booze-Fueled Christmas Wonderland


I’ve never seen anything like it (and you probably haven’t either). You walk up to the building and it’s just... a building. But you can feel the buzz before you even step through the threshold.

I won’t put this lightly—when you walk in, you’re essentially blasted in the face with a variety of Christmas decor, holiday art pieces hanging from the ceiling, the timeless sounds of Mariah Carey over the loudspeaker, and people feeling “spirited,” sipping their North-Pole-themed cocktails and beverages.

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It’s breathtaking. It’s full of merry energy. It’s where the elves would go after work if Philadelphia was located in the North Pole. And it’s only here until New Year’s Day.

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Check out this pop-up bar at 116 S 12th Street before it goes into hibernation. And be sure to tip your Santa hat to Teddy Sourias of Craft Concepts Group for your new favorite novelty watering hole.

Nina Ricci 

Blogger of All Things Fun