1000 Glass Cranes

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Jeremy Grant-Levine, glass artist hailing from right here in Philly, set out on a mission back in January 2017. The objective? To produce 1000 intricate cranes (Yes, like the bird) made of glass to be displayed to the public upon completion in an immersive, fragile (so essentially, very trusting) wonderland.

Showcased in what looks like a large garage on Front St. in Fishtown, Jeremy’s 200 pounds of hand-colored and crafted glass dangled amongst each other in a multi-chromatic, light-changing room.

Opening night, there were free drinks, sandwiches from the one and only Poe’s Sandwich Joint, arcade games, and a hip space for fellow creatives and other locals to hang out and chat.

How’d Jeremy fund this artistic venture? A Kickstarter, of course, where people could sponsor or purchase specific cranes or obtain various other “thank yous” as recognition.

If you find these cranes—how you say—outta this world—they’re also still available to purchase if you’re into that sorta thing.

You can count on Philly to keep cranking out art for years to come, as the creative scene’s ever-connected and fully thriving, and guess what—it’s only just the beginning.

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